Frequency Earth | A Sci-Fi Sketch Comedy Podcast

Frequency Earth | A Sci-Fi Sketch Comedy Podcast

In the distant future, archeo-astronomer Jeffrey Lutz travels the stars collecting broadcasts from Earth.

A scripted sci-fi sketch comedy podcast by Rob Schultz and Russell August Anderson.

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    S01E02 - Jettisoned

    Aboard the ship, The Jeff learns that Command considers pretty much everything expendable, then visits the ship's holo-casino.
    Transmissions: Herding Cats, TMI for the CIA, The Minotaur
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    S01E01 - Unthawing

    Jeff is unthawed and given a tour of his ship, AA-23. Transmissions: Libertarian, Cannibalism, Emily Bros, Book of Z-Rob: Pedestrians

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    Welcome to AA-23!

    Join The Jeff and Sheldon as they travel among the stars searching for the radio transmission that reveals what happened to Earth. A weekly sketch comedy podcast.