Frequency Earth | A Sci-Fi Sketch Comedy Podcast

Frequency Earth | A Sci-Fi Sketch Comedy Podcast

In the distant future, archeo-astronomer Jeffrey Lutz travels the stars collecting broadcasts from Earth.

A scripted sci-fi comedy podcast by Rob Schultz and Russell August Anderson, Frequency Earth is a blend of sitcom - the adventures of a guy traveling through space - and sketch comedy - the transmissions he picks up from Earth.

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    Holiday Gift: Idiomatic!

    Idiomatic is a panel game about words and language, from our own Rob Schultz. Just another tasty treat from the gang at Frequency Earth! For full show notes and more, visit

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    Better Radio LIVE! - The Best of Season One

    While season 2 is in production, slake your thirst for more episodes with our season one live show! Recorded in front of a live audience at Dangerfield's 2 in Los Angeles, CA, it's just the thing for a long drive to grandma's. For more information, visit us at!

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    S01E09 - Election Day

    The Jeff is up for, well, pretty much every office on the ship, whether he likes it or not. Transmissions: Couples Boxing, Big Mistake, Doctor Strange, Robot Dialing For more information, visit us at!

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    Live! Season 2 Launch Party Promo

    Join us on Saturday, September 29th at 8pm, at the Pack Theater in Los Angeles for a live show featuring previews of our upcoming season. For details, and a Bonus Gift, check out the full show notes at

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    S01E08 - Robotic Arms

    The computer takes a vacation day, and Sheldon's mind goes too.
    Transmissions: Pet Tank, Wedding Witch, Visual Aids, Back to School
    For more information, visit us at!

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    S01E07 - 100 Days

    The Jeff receives a mandatory psychological exam, and one crew member DIES!
    Transmissions: The Shawshank Reredemption, Time For Art, The Harlem Globetrotters of Pedophiles, Kill More Humans
    For more information, visit us at!

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    S01E06 - Ship's Log

    Aboard the ship, The Jeff wonders how he'll ever complete his mission. Transmissions: Snake Gameshow, Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Round Pizza, Radio Circus For full notes and more, visit us at

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    S01E05 - Chili Cook-Off

    Aboard the ship, The Jeff is exposed to cosmic radiation. Also, we announce the results of the 5th 3rd Annual Frequency Earth Chili Cook-Off. Transmissions: Manchurian GPS, Damned Man, Passive Aggressive Teaching For full notes and more, visit us at

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    S01E04 - Star of Light

    Aboard the ship, The Jeff rescues an escape pod, but the occupant is not a pleasure to work with.
    Transmissions: Alameda Sparks and the Call to Justice, Pt 13: The March of Dames, Please Vote for Me, Rumor Mill For full notes and more, visit us at

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    S01E03 - New Plastic Card

    Aboard the ship, the Jeff is approved for a new credit card, and finds lots of ways to use it.
    Transmissions: 911 Non-Emergency, Doc Fiendish Catalog #1, Physical Attraction
    For full notes and more, visit us at

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    S01E02 - Jettisoned

    Aboard the ship, The Jeff learns that Command considers pretty much everything expendable, then visits the ship's holo-casino.
    Transmissions: Herding Cats, TMI for the CIA, The Minotaur
    For full notes and more, visit us at

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    S01E01 - Unthawing

    Jeff is unthawed and given a tour of his ship, AA-23. Transmissions: Libertarian, Cannibalism, Emily Bros, Book of Z-Rob: Pedestrians

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    Welcome to AA-23!

    Join The Jeff and Sheldon as they travel among the stars searching for the radio transmission that reveals what happened to Earth. A weekly sketch comedy podcast.

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